Changelog #26 - Web SDK enhancements
We’ve hardened the Web SDK to be more compatible with 3rd party libraries, a response to discovering a previous incompatibility with the Bright Cove library.
Changelog #25 - Increased the time horizon over which we compute impacts
Impacts now factor in more data when they determine a change.
Changelog #24 - GraphQL Support
PlayerZero wraps
calls during the regular course of it monitoring in order to capture performance & network errors and build better devtools. Out of the box we also detect and separate different graphql calls based on the
Check out the documentation here : LINK
Changelog #23 - Reduced request/response time for captured issues
We’ve reduced the amount of data necessary to recompute the impact of specific issues. As a result, users will benefit from a decreased load time for all new and existing issues.
Changelog #22 - Updated Homepage Design
In an effort to deliver what matters to you in a format that allows you to be most efficient, we’ve redesigned our homepage. Here, you will be able to see:
  • Activity happening on your subscribed reports, issues or views.
  • New issues in your subscribed views.
Changelog #21 - Graceful Retries for Devtool Uploads
If an upload fails for an unforeseen reason, we gracefully retry when the system is in an idle state without overloading the client or the server machines.
Changelog #20 - Trending Issues Performance Improvements
We now cache all necessary metrics in the PlayerZero application, so realtime computation is focused on additional data, rather than the entire dataset as a whole. That means faster time to value, and less getting blocked on load screens.
Changelog #19 - Optimizing Regex & PII Masking
We’ve doubled down on performance by optimizing regex & PII masking.
Changelog #18 - Cross-Tab Browser Tracking
We’ve just enabled crosstab tracking on our recorder. That means events can now be tracked across different tabs for the same user. We’ve known since the start that a user’s story doesn’t always end in the tab it started in – crosstab tracking allows us to tell the story of a user instead of just a tab.
Changelog #17 - Almost Real-Time Notifications
We’ve decreased time to value for our users by reducing the time between a user running into an issue and PlayerZero cataloging and classifying it. This allows us to improve the speed of our notifications – moving them closer to real time updates.
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