Changelog #34 - Correlating issues across distributed systems
With PlayerZero, it is now possible to measure the tangible impact of issues happening in your backend.
Changelog #33 - Mixpanel & Amplitude connectors
Users can now pipe their Mixpanel and Amplitude events and usage data directly into PlayerZero using the PlayerZero API connector.
Changelog #32 - Sentry connector
Users can now pipe their Sentry data directly into PlayerZero using the PlayerZero API connector.
Changelog #31 - Manual Upload Key command configuration
The Manual Upload Key command is now fully configurable. Users can turn the pre-set CMD+K shortcut on or off in settings. If users want to configure their own custom key command, they can add the following lister in their code:
window.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => {
if((event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey) && event.key === 'k'){
// Trigger the PlayerZero widget
Changelog #30 - Enhanced Onboarding Flow
A revamped onboarding flow will help new users see value quicker. The inclusion of educational materials and automatically generated views will create a more efficient adoption process for first and second touch users alike.
Changelog #29 - Increased database querying efficiency
We’ve introduced an n-gram index that uses sub-parts as distinct keys for querying data. Noticeable results will be seen in auto-complete functionality and View load time across the application.
Changelog #28 - Slack channel notifications
A more streamlined notification experience in Slack that delivers issue context directly into pre-defined channels, so your entire team can collaborate more effectively.
Changelog #27 - Flows Implementation
Flows allow you to be more intentional with how you discover issues happening to your users. Simply define checkpoints, and PlayerZero tells you:
When there is drop off → Which issue is causing the drop-off → Who is affected by the issue → What each user’s experience looked like (with full browser context)
Changelog #26 - Web SDK enhancements
We’ve hardened the Web SDK to be more compatible with 3rd party libraries, a response to discovering a previous incompatibility with the Bright Cove library.
Changelog #25 - Increased the time horizon over which we compute impacts
Impacts now factor in more data when they determine a change.
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